We work hard to keep Maelle Kids safe for your users. Please use this page to understand what we allow and don’t allow.

  1. No Hate Speech
  2. Don’t bully other members
  3. No nudity allowed, please report any nudity. We only allow Rated G Images.
  4. We don’t allow people that don’t work with kids to register or interact with our site
  5. Don’t scrap and copy this website, feel free to share the site.
  6. Don’t spam the community, feel free to share updates and promote your child. 
  7. Don’t upload illegal content including warez, games, and other content
  8. Don’t harass other members
  9. Enjoy the site.

Child endangerment

If you encounter inappropriate content please contact us asap. Also, be advised that we monitor this site and will report child endangerment

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