Jolie Johnson age 12, very outgoing, determined and focused child that loves to be in front of a camera and people. Very versatile in her fashion styles.

This story appears in Maelle Kids Magazine Issue #3

Maelle Kids 3

When did you start modeling? I started my career in 2015.
What age did you start modeling? At age eleven.
What inspired you to become a model? My agent inspired me to model because she helped me with the confidence I needed.
What do you love about fashion? I get to show my personality through different styles and fashion.
What is your favorite Dress? Mermaid style dress.
Do you have any favorite apps? YouTube.
What type of music do you like? Hip Hop and contemporary.
Who is your favorite artist and why? I like so many artists because I grew up listing to so many different styles of music I don’t really have a favorite

Do you have any mentors? My talent agent Barbie Perry has inspired to push harder than ever, never give up and always remain confident in all that I do.
What other talents do you have? Third degree Black Belt Martial Artist, Actress, and Singer
What is your favorite subject in School? Math and Lunch.
What would you like to learn next? Cheerleading.
Are you ready to become a teenager and why? Yes! Finally! No more modeling from the kid’s department.
Would you like to shout out your friends? Yes, my favorite person Paisley Sellers.
Where do you see yourself in five years from now? I will be a senior in High school and hopefully already lined up to attend the University of Alabama.

What advice do you have for kids and teens that would like to model and act? Never get discouraged. You might get ten turn downs or “no’s” to your 1 “yes” but sometimes that’s all it takes is that one! Set short-term goals and move up from there. This will keep you in good spirits. If you want it bad enough nothing will get in your way but yourself.
You have appeared in a lot of magazines, but what do you like about Maelle Kids? I have been in over 20 this year and honestly; Maelle Kids has a lot more to offer than just a publication. The website has tons of information that help my mom and I both out.
What is your dream photo shoot? Somewhere on an island with clear blue water and palm trees would be my dream.

What project do you have coming up? This week I had my annual Bama Against Bullying fashion show and it was amazing. Anti-Bullying advocate Montana Tucker was our guest for the event.
I hold the 2018 7th grade beauty queen crown for my school and I will be giving my crown away to a new queen next month.
Any Closing words? Thank you so much for having me as your feature in this issue I am truly honored and blessed.
Be a buddy, not a bully! And follow your dreams because they do come true!


@jolievaljohnson on Instagram

Photographer: Kevin Spencer of KLS Photography

Art Director: Renaldo Creative

Makeup and Stylist: Jayla Nicole Johnson

Agency: Street Jam Agency

Outfit: Ruthies Boutique

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