Closing the show, Korean brand KIPOP fused K-pop style and street fashion together to create a unique collection. KIPOP strives to make every city street a runway and every child a star. Showing over 40 looks, a wide range of styles were presented. Designer Kiri (Cha Youngshin) drew us in with edgy cargo pants, cropped hoodies, gingham and lace dresses, leather leggings and striped track pants. The garments were dominated by color-blocked patterns of black and white with splashes of vivid reds, blues, purples, and bubblegum pink. The looks were paired with dangling metal chains and buckles, knee socks, and beanies and berets. The show was interspersed with dance routines featuring the children in the cool clothes, resembling a mini K-pop group. View more post click here or read our magazine.

Written by: Faye Cottrill

?Photo by Filippo Fior/IMAXtree


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