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La Péronnelle

La Péronnelle featured their collection ‘Snowballs and Puddles’, inspired by the simple pleasures of Fall and Winter: splashing into puddles, walking on fallen leaves, and crawling into cold snow. The French designer Anaïs Chabagno is inspired by her outdoor lifestyle and aims to create easy-to-move-in garments from soft fabrics, resulting in pieces which reflect seasonal colours and allows children to play in all weather. The colorful palette included bold vibrant hues like adobe red, pumpkin orange, mustard yellow and royal blue with pops of lime green working its way in through pockets and embroidered braids. Featured garments included color-blocked tiered jumpers, two-toned shirts, floral print leggings, and overall dresses. The looks were accessorized with grey merino wool headbands and colorful gumboots.

Written by: Faye Cottrill

📷Photo by Filippo Fior/IMAXtree .


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