17 Year-old model Ta’Nyi Reed returns to lead the Black Edition of Maelle Kids Magazine, she talks about her career, surviving COVID-19 (Corona-Virus) and more. Check back for the official release date in a few days. Ta’nyi is an honor roll student, class president, star athlete, and future veterinarian from South Bend, Indiana.

Ta'Nyi Reed
Rick Williams of IOQ Photography


She and her family appeared on the Ellen Show to discuss how their mom drives to a parking lot with internet access. So she and her siblings can do their school work. Their story touch Ellen so much, she decided to give them money, iPads and paid for their internet for a year.

Watch the video below

Ta’nyi’s Max Prep Click Here


Model: Ta’Nyi Reed @tanyi.official
Photographer: Rick Williams of IOQ Photography
Retouch: Renaldo Creative from Maelle Kids www.renaldocreative.com
Creative Director: Renaldo Creative and Rick Williams
Design: Renaldo Creative
Video by: Tamara

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